KaYuki Cover

Kayuki is Kameko Yuki Kediri, the kameko community in Kediri Region. we have 5 members here from the left Me (Kurock), Falani, Ikki, AyLis, Sincan. We are fun because we are yukiiiiiii!!!

Kayuki Cover
Kayuki Cover

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The Happiness Nightmare – Rest in Peace

This is a the spirit of little girl who killed by evil murderer. i dunno she’s sad or happy so i titled this, “The Happiness Nightmare”. I think i must study hard in many perpective and anything :) haha…

by kurocle
The Happiness Nightmare – Rest in Peace

Actually the image above created in earlier of february. i’ve done it when drawing together with my buddies. i really enjoy do it with many people. Their energy fills to my body and my mind so i can finished my artwork easily.

Kurock Wants to Rescue Plankton

This is my first artwork on ku-rock deviantart account. I titled this, “kurock wants to rescue plankton”

rescue plankton
kurock want’s to rescue plankton

kurock wants to rescue plankton by ku-rock on DeviantArt

my previous deviantart is kurocle, but i want to move on!! i wanna focus only on  illustration. 3D is suck 😀 . Okay, this is my description about the image above >:D someday kurock was jogging and found the plankton in bad condition. so he took him and brougth him to his house Sweating a little… LOL what a boring story…

Headshot Volley Ball Game

2 years ago i’ve recorded this video with my previous smartphone. And today a have chance to edit them into compilation video like below. i hope you enjoy this >:D

The location on this video is Alabama islamic dormitory. the place located on Pare, East Java, Indonesia. it’s about 30 young men stay on there to study arabic literature. They came from random place arround the country. Live at alabama is so fun, everyday we can take a bath on great river. Take lunch and dinner together in one plate (don’t imagine) 😀 and so many things that you can guess before.