Jotaro fanart LEGO version

Jotaro from the anime series JOJO BIZARRE Adventure Season 02. He is really cool character so i made this one. (FC Classic Coloured Pencil on Sketchbook)

Jotaro fanart LEGO version
Jotaro Lego Version

See full size image below:

The Happiness Nightmare – Rest in Peace

This is a the spirit of little girl who killed by evil murderer. i dunno she’s sad or happy so i titled this, “The Happiness Nightmare”. I think i must study hard in many perpective and anything :) haha…

by kurocle
The Happiness Nightmare – Rest in Peace

Actually the image above created in earlier of february. i’ve done it when drawing together with my buddies. i really enjoy do it with many people. Their energy fills to my body and my mind so i can finished my artwork easily.