Orange (character) Animated GIF

Shis is my another fictional character, “orange”. Inspired by my friend on the anonymous group. The fanatics mucisian group in my town. hahaha… LOL

See my full time lapse video below:

Jotaro fanart LEGO version

Jotaro from the anime series JOJO BIZARRE Adventure Season 02. He is really cool character so i made this one. (FC Classic Coloured Pencil on Sketchbook)

Jotaro fanart LEGO version
Jotaro Lego Version

See full size image below:

The Happiness Nightmare – Rest in Peace

This is a the spirit of little girl who killed by evil murderer. i dunno she’s sad or happy so i titled this, “The Happiness Nightmare”. I think i must study hard in many perpective and anything :) haha…

by kurocle
The Happiness Nightmare – Rest in Peace

Actually the image above created in earlier of february. i’ve done it when drawing together with my buddies. i really enjoy do it with many people. Their energy fills to my body and my mind so i can finished my artwork easily.